About Us

Our mission is to deliver a well organised league with suitable discipline that enables players to have an enjoyable experience playing competitive football.

The league manager, referees and teams would like to build partnerships with the venues to ensure we maximise the availability so together we give the city/town enjoyable 6 a side football. Payment for the venue will not be a problem, all venues will be paid on time to the agreed payment terms.

We will pay the venues and referee’s on behalf of all the teams in each league.

All our venues, teams, players and referees will receive a personal touch from our management and we will manage with honesty and integrity.

Our managers have 15 years experience in the management of 6 a side football leagues across the UK.

Our leagues will cater for all player skill levels and abilities throughout the UK.

Our management will train the referees in the company culture and will always present the league winners and runner up with a well thought out award package.

We will supply all the equipment needed so that all players just turn up and enjoy a very good football experience.

We will use experienced referees who will be well trained in the Premier Soccer UK culture of ensuring suitable discipline which is a vital ingredient to ensuring a very good football experience for every players.

We will discuss with the players what types of award packages they think are appropriate when you win or finish runners up in the league. We want to get this award package correct so each team play with real effort to win the league because the award package is valued by the player.

We will operate a very strong complaints procedure and welcome a complaint especially if you feel a member of staff has misled you as we see the complaints procedure as a strong tool for Premier Soccer UK to acheive continuous improvement in operating 6 a side football leagues across the UK.

When you complain you will receive an acknowledgement within 2 days that we have received your complaint then we will give you a written response within 10 days.